– The Board

Tasks of each Board member

Within each board the tasks might be divided a bit different depending on available time, size of the local and committees and skills of the board members.


  • Making sure AEGEE guards, expresses and develops in accordance with its visions and value
  • Represent AEGEE-Maastricht to the outside
  • Head of the Board, tasked with ensuring cooperation happens smoothly
  • Chairing the meetings
  • Coordinating knowledge transfer and helping new members find their way
  • Understanding the long-term needs of the members
  • Head of AEGEE Europe Committee



  • Timetabling and planning
    • Setting up meetings (book a room) & make minutes at meetings and assemblies
    • Keeping emails organized
  • Human resources management and internal communication
    • Writing the weekly Mail of the Board
    • Communication with external bodies (other organisations and associations)
  • Keeps track of archives
  • Head Projects & Collaborations Committee



  • Making the overall budget
  • Financial risk assessment
  • Keeping tabs on expenses and income
  • Paying people for expenses made
  • Getting membership fees
  • Heading Erasmus+, funding & sponsorship committee


Local Responsible

  • Keeping up with local and student life and events in Maastricht
  • Get creative ideas for AEGEE events
  • Represent AEGEE at events from other associations together with the president
  • Bring members more in contact with Maastricht (student)life
    • Understanding the day-to-day needs of the members
    • Coordinating local events
  • Head of the social committee



European Responsible

  • Bringing a European dimension to AEGEE
  • Coordinating European thematic objectives
  • Communication with neighbouring locals and European organizations/bodies
  • Promoting European events amongst members
  • Communication with external bodies (other organisations and associations)
  • Promoting the networkmeeting
  • European projects and events committee


Every board member spends an average of 8-15 hours fulfilling his/her tasks.

Board and Committee meetings take place in the evening, and so do most local activities. Other than that, the time of any job can vary, usually board members can decide when to do certain tasks themselves. The organisation of a Summer University or Exchange takes place over the course of several days, in which board responsible are usually assisted in their tasks by committee members and other board members.

We are not a fulltime board. Most or all of our board members have a fulltime study next to their board membership.