Summer Universities

What is a Summer University?

Summer Universities are travel opportunities all across Europe, and beyond, that are organised by local students, at a low price. The activities carried out during a Summer University range from academic, such as learning a new language, courses on technical themes and multicultural activities: get familiar with Finnish culture, learn how to sail in Spain or attend a photography course in Turkey. You will be given the chance to taste great food, listen to local music, befriend people from different countries. You will learn to say “cheers” in 20 languages. You will experience, learn new things, and do things you never imagined. You will feel the AEGEE spirit!

Summer Course (SC)

The Summer Course is a course about a specific topic ranging from language and local culture to environment and politics.

Summer Course Plus (SC+)

The Summer Course Plus is mostly the same as the Summer Course, but you get more (and professional) classes. The fee is also slightly higher.

Travelling Summer University (TSU)

The Travelling Summer University is organised by two or more locals. You’ll stay in at least 4 different places, and will travel between cities. There is always a theme, but there is less hours of tuition than in Summer Courses (due to travel time). The fee is also slightly higher.

When is it and how long does it last?

Most Summer Universities last two weeks, but there are exceptions, ranging from one to three weeks. Most SUs take place in July and August, although there are also some in June and September.

What does it cost?

The standard rate for an SU is €10/day, although it is a bit more for Travel SUs and Summer Course+ and an optional fee could be asked for certain costly activities.

For this price, you get two meals a day, a place to sleep, activities, and transportation between different locations. You do still have to find, and pay for your own transportation to the SU and usually one meal a day, drinks,…

 Where can I go?

This map shows all the locations at which locals were organizing a SU in 2013! (see here for the SUs of 2017)

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Want to know more?

Visit the Summer University website!

If you want to go on an SU, you have to become a member of a local (AEGEE-Maastricht) first, you can contact us, or visit us in our office or at an activity to do so. After this you will have to sign up with AEGEE-Europe. Keep in mind that this might take time, and the deadline for applying for an SU is the 28th of April!