Local Level

The local level, contains AEGEE-activities organized by each antenna. On the local level, you can enjoy a relaxed, open and international atmosphere and several activities, organized by some of our members throughout the academic year.

First of all, we take part in the INKOM week. Futhermore, we organize events, like theme parties, drinks, gamenights, workshops, excursions, debates, travelling (including the Members weekend). Multiple times a year, we also have a general members assembly, where our members hear about what’s been going on in the organization and can vote on important matters (like a  new board, or who will represent our local at the Agora). Activities, in Maastricht and outside, are organized by the members in several committees. You can join our committees if you want to become active! And if the local activities are not enough for you, you have the opportunity to take part in the European events, projects or committees!