European Level

With over 200 different locals or antennae, AEGEE consists of a broad network. This network is connected by the European level. There is an overarching structure, led by the Comité Directeur (the board of AEGEE-Europe sort of speak) working from Brussels. There are also 4 Commissions, 4 Committees, 6 Working Groups and 9 multinational Project Teams.

Antennae are also supported by a Network Commission, where each Network Commissioner is responsible for a number of locals in the area they operate from. They help the antennae organizing projects, conferences, seminars and training courses on different subjects, open for students from all other locals.

A very important aspect of the European level are exchanges. An exchange is organized between two locals and is a great way of travelling and meeting new people. The most important aspect of any exchange is getting to know a different culture and way of living. On an exchange, students from the each local prepare a program consisting of several cultural activities, often ranging from city tours to mini language courses and European nights. On that last, members bring food and drinks form their own (or another) country with them and present them to the rest of the group before eating/drinking it. Exchanges are a fun way to build friendships and to build a network you can use in the future!

Summer Universities are also an important aspect of the European level of AEGEE. They are trips, organized by different locals during summer, and they usually have a specific theme or offer a course. They are kept cheap since they are organized by students and each SU gets a limited budget. There are different types of SUs, there are Language Courses, Travel Summer Universities and Summer Courses (with different themes like dance, sustainability or politics).

The Agora is a biannual gathering of all locals. Each local gets to send a number of representatives that go to the Agora (which is organized in a different city each year). These representatives get to vote on several matters that are of importance for AEGEE, for example changes in statutes, creation or deletion of antennae and the election of the Comité Directeur. Next to official business, there is also a European night, there are parties and other activities organized.

When you get more involved in AEGEE you might be interested in joining your local board. As a board member, you can also go to a European Board Meeting or EBM. During an EBM board members of different locals gather and discuss issues like actions plans for specific events or the organization of European activities.


If you want to know more about AEGEE-Europe you can visit their website!