1985-89: The beginning

The 16th of April 1985 is remembered as the day when AEGEE was born. The foundation of AEGEE was a result of the EGEE 1 conference, which was organised in cooperation with five Grands Ecoles in Paris. The whole process was led by Franck Biancheri and soon all students involved wanted to turn the EGEE conference into an organisation being the platform for young Europeans.

The name EGEE is related to the Aegean Sea where democracy was created 2,000 years ago. Due to a name collision with a French company, the name of EGEE was changed to AEGEE in 1988.The aim of the founders was to create a platform for young Europeans to discuss European matters and present their ideas to both the European and national institutions. Due to the uniqueness of the idea, at that time, EGEE was able to stimulate many students to establish antennae in their cities.

In the 1980s AEGEE’s external relations were mainly focused on the European Communities. AEGEE promoted the placement of the Erasmus project as well as the Tempus project. This self-restrictive approach was abandoned when AEGEE opened itself to the whole continent.

At this time, in 1989, also AEGEE-Maastricht was founded!















(Celebration of the 25th anniversary of AEGEE-Maastricht in May 2014)


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