Voluntary work in AEGEE

Doing voluntary work is good for your career perspectives. Next to the extra activities you can add to your CV, you will acquire experience and develop yourself! Being active for AEGEE-Maastricht will provide you with an invaluable international experience and you will be able to develop your team work, organisational and leadership skills!

Furthermore, being part of AEGEE means that you are part of a huge network. Also this is important for your future career.

Easy step from studying to working

AEGEE-Maastricht connected for you with The Shortlist. This website makes it easier for you to connect with AEGEE members or alumni, as well as recruiters from various other organizations and businesses. You can upload your CV, do different tests to find out what kind of person you are, and play games to get to know which type of work suits you well! So make an account and set the next step into a great career!