Join a Committee

AEGEE-Maastricht has several committees which are responsible for organising our activities and events.
We are currently in the phase of setting up new committees. If you would like to become active within our organisation, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Our committees: 

European Committee

The committee connects the AEGEE local with the wider network. It brings the values, goals and plans of AEGEE to the local, representing it within the network.
Activities organised: Exchanges, statutory and network meetings across Europe, the AEGEE-Europe Academy and local training courses (LTC)

Academic and Thematic Committee

This committee implements the yearly action plan of AEGEE-Europe, incorporates its wider principles and promotes members’ academic needs.
Activities organised: Workshops, lectures, training courses, and other academic and thematic events

Social and Cultural Committee

This committee promotes intercultural integration among members. Not only locally but also internationally.
It organises primarily non-academic events.
Activities organised: Dinners, drinks, parties, festivals, other social and cultural events










Our previous committees: 

Fundraising and Promotion Committee (FPR)

The FPR is concerned with the making (and ordering) of promotional materials and organizing promotion activities. They make flyers, stickers, posters,… make sure they get put up in different buildings, and organize tables at the library to do promotional activities. They also try to find sponsors, negotiate with them and in this way help finance a part of our organization.







Internet and Publishing Committee (IP)

The IP committee is mainly concerned with writing AEGEE-Maastricht’s magazine the Agenor, which gets published 3 to 4 times a year. The members of the IP committee are expected towrite a number of activity reports, do interviews with members, write about their interests and to attend to the lay-out, printing and distribution of the Agenor. They can also (if interested) deal with the website.


Travel Europe Committee (TEC)

The TEC arranges all sorts of trips that can be joined by our members. They contact different AEGEE-locals for exchanges. An exchange is when members of Maastricht go to another local, and the other local comes to Maastricht at another time. The TEC has to arrange transport to the other local, make a program in Maastricht, and maintain communication. Next to exchanges, the TEC also organizes independent trips, for example the New Years Trip, or visits to nearby locals (Aachen, Eindhoven, Brussels,…).







Summer University Committee (SUC)

The SU-committee is usually only active between October/November and July. They have to write proposals for a Summer University, make a program, arrange sleeping places for participants, make sure there is food (and a place to make it),… They are also responsible for the execution of the program during the actual SU.







Activities and Introduction Committee (AIC)

The AIC arranges all local activities, ranging from barbecues and pick nicks in the summer, to ice skating in winter. They also arrange all activities during the introduction period, including a pub crawl, walking drink, European dinner,… Next to this they also take care of our biannual Members weekend!